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Procurement Automation

Procurement Automation is a unit within Procurement Services dedicated to operation and support of digital procurement transaction processing. The team is responsible for all technology-related build and support activities for SRM + Ariba Network Shopping, SAP Requisitions (Healthcare/Facilities), procurement-based SAP master data, myUK Enterprise Amazon Business, procurement analytics, technical learning resource development, and more. Among other responsibilities, this includes a directive to augment and improve digital procurement transactions in order to provide units needed efficiencies for and streamlining of their purchase transactions.

Team strategic objectives, to the greatest extent possible, are devoted to:

  • digitize, automate, and streamline manual procurement processes to increase efficiencies throughout transaction streams
  • design, build, deploy, and maintain modern procurement-based user experiences (UX) for units to purchase needed goods and services
  • augment the institution’s e-catalog portfolio to provide a marketplace of high volume transaction suppliers
  • manage and support convenient order creation while maintaining required oversight via institutional checks and balances
  • support business process improvement as it relates to procurement transactions
  • minimize manual touchpoints related to procurement transactions and increase efficiency through digital automation

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) + Ariba Network Shopping / SAP Requisitions

The team provides technical support for all shopping and related activities transacted by units within the myUK Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) + Ariba Network including:

  • SRM Shopping Carts, Approval workflows, and Goods Confirmations structures utilized within procurement transaction streams
  • build and operation of the Ariba Network connection for e-catalog shopping
  • planning, build, deployment, and support of all e-catalog content on the Ariba Network
  • transaction processing on the Ariba Network for sending purchase orders to suppliers and return invoicing/credit memos from Ariba Network suppliers back to the University.
  • support for units' creation of SRM Free Text Shopping Carts, when applicable
  • needed support for UK HealthCare and Facilities' use of SAP Requisitions, Approval workflows, and Goods Receipts

e-Procurement Help

e-Procurement Help

myUK Enterprise Amazon Business Account

Procurement Services provides all management and support for the myUK Enterprise Amazon Business Account, a single point of access for units to make all allowable purchases from Amazon Business. The myUK Enterprise Amazon Business Account serves as the University's "gap supplier", the provider of needed goods that are not available from its primary, contracted providers. Team responsibilities for administration of the myUK Enterprise Amazon Business account include:

  • design, build, deployment, and ongoing management and operation of the platform
  • design and maintenance of all departmental groups, administration, and approval workflows
  • onboarding of all units' permitted users into their respective groups for shopping and order creation
  • management of restricted and blocked products on the platform
  • support for needed products throughout the transaction up to the point of order release and placement with Amazon Business
  • purchase of Amazon gift cards in association with the declining balance procurement card program
  • Amazon Business analytics and reporting capabilities

Note: The myUK Enterprise Business Account is to be utilized for all needed purchases by units of goods from Amazon Business. Department business accounts and use of personal accounts for purchases are not permitted.


Amazon News


SAP Procurement Master Data Management

The Procurement Automation team is responsible for and manages all procurement-based Vendor Master Data which resides in SAP. It is also responsible for management, operation, and support for the PaymentWorks New Vendor Onboarding platform within myUK Enterprise Services. Utilization and management of these platform tools ensures all vendors with whom the University conducts business have been property authenticated thereby providing required validations and minimizing risks within transaction streams.

The team also manages and is responsible for all SAP Materials Master Data utilized for ordering and managing stocks of physical items at healthcare and Supply Center inventory points throughout campus.


Vendor Help (Depts)

Vendor Help

Procurement Data Analytics and Auditing

The team is responsible for design, management, creation, and support for all data analytics related to University procurement transactions. Typically, data analytics and reports are utilized internally within Procurement Services and for various leadership operational and planning needs. Common analyses include institutional views of supplier spend, sector spend, transaction comparisons, Ariba Network shopping and transaction activity, and economic inclusion activity.

The team is also responsible for conducting audits, as needed, to ensure institutional compliance as it relates to units' purchase of needed goods and services.


Procurement Learning and Training Resources

The team is responsible for the development and maintenance of all Procurement Services learning and training resources for departmental use. The majority of these can be found on the Learning and Training Resources page on the Procurement Services website. Over 60 help resources are available to support Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) + Ariba Network Shopping, SAP Requisitions, myUK Enterprise Amazon Business, SAP Vendor Master Data / PaymentWorks new vendor onboarding, departmental reporting, etc.

The team also develops the foundational content utilized for any procurement courses in myUK learning. This includes all Shopper, Approver, Goods Confirmer, SAP Requisitioner, Vendor Master Data/PaymentWorks, etc. courses as well as those generated for the FAST program (e.g., Procurement Basics, How To Buy 1 & 2, FAST Amazon Business, etc.).

The Learning and Training Resources page can be accessed via the link below. The materials are protected content thereby requiring staff and faculty to access the page using their linkblue ID and password. You do not need to log off any portion of the Procurement Services website; you can remain signed in continuously.


Other Responsibilities and Support

Among other activities, the team is also responsible for:

  • ancillary systems and integrations that support larger platforms such as SRM + Ariba Network shopping, etc.
  • operation and maintenance of Procurement Services website
  • communications and procurement news
  • desktop support needs internal to Procurement Services units
  • internal support for Procurement Services contracting needs

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