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University of Kentucky Economic Inclusion

Economic Inclusion


Welcome to the University of Kentucky Economic Inclusion! 

Economic Inclusion is an intentional business strategy that incorporates underrepresented and Kentucky-located businesses into the UK supply chain to impact the economic growth and prosperity of the Commonwealth.

For Kentucky to be a truly competitive state, we must recognize and develop all the talents and resources we have available. Economic Inclusion is about making sure every Kentuckian has a seat at the table and access to opportunities to build a safe and secure financial future. This includes breaking down barriers and expanding growth for low-income individuals and Kentucky‚Äôs small and underrepresented businesses. 

                           Impact Model

The Economic Impact Model is the blueprint for our daily work. It guides our processes and decisions. Our ultimate goal is to impact not only the businesses we serve, but the students, faculty and staff on our campuses.  When we do that well, the communities we serve benefit. We know that strong businesses create stronger communities.  We Advance Kentucky one business at a time.

Impact Model

Identify - We continually search for and identify talented suppliers. 
Educate - Our programs are designed to educate, train, certify, and vet businesses for opportunities at UK.
Connect - We connect those businesses to UK departments through small group meetings, outreach and events.
Measure - As we grow, we measure our effectiveness through reporting, evaluation and continuous improvement.
IMPACT - Through our work with underrepresented and small businesses, we touch the heart of communities we serve. Through the resources we provide and the relationships we foster, we build stronger businesses and stronger communities. 

This is how UK Economic Inclusion impacts and advances the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Questions, feedback, or comments? Feel free to contact us at: