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Enterprise Amazon Business Account Shopping

Amazon Business Account is an enterprise-wide platform available for University employees to purchase needed items from Amazon at an institutional level.  Although originally planned for integration with SRM/Ariba as an e-catalog, Enterprise Amazon Business Account instead operates as an independent platform. It will be accessible via a dedicated menu item within myUK Enterprise Services tab alongside other applications.

Important note for employees with an existing Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes: If you are an employee having an existing departmental Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes under an email other than your linkblue email address, please refrain from accessing the new Enterprise platform through myUK and contact for migration assistance. A customized migration can be scheduled specifically for you after the launch date. It’s important that the person to whom the departmental account is registered not access the new platform before their migration to ensure their existing business account or account can be transferred correctly.

By utilizing the Enterprise Amazon Business Account, departments automatically qualify for and benefit from Amazon Prime Membership at no charge. The enterprise account allows for incorporation of smaller departmental business accounts that have been purchased at college and unit levels. Registered users and order history within departmental business accounts potentially can be transferred into the larger Enterprise Amazon Business Account along with their order history and attached users. Departmental and unit business officers can review orders prior to placement which serves to support required compliance and oversight measures.

Benefits include:

  • Access to millions of products, available only to Amazon Business customers
  • Business pricing is frequently better value and available only for registered Amazon Business customers. Business-specific pricing includes quantity discounts on eligible items.
  • Free 2-Day shipping on Prime-eligible items (Learn more)
  • Automatic tax-exemption for items sold by Amazon LLC & participating 3rd party sellers, as applicable
  • Access to the University account on mobile devices through the Amazon Business Mobile App (planned for Post Go-Live)
  • Access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team, including services dedicated to package delivery issues and escalation

Business Officer Oversight

College and unit Business Officers will find the Enterprise Amazon Business Account offers their areas and programs value and better meets compliance needs and concerns than Amazon purchases made by other methods. Departmental Business Officers have a dedicated role within the platform to access and manage orders placed within their area(s). They are also able to add and delete their own users as well as adjust/apply additional settings applicable to their departmental Amazon Shoppers.

Business Officers can use Amazon Business Analytics to view data about orders placed in their area(s), create and filter reports based on business needs, and view both charts and tables. Click to learn more.

Enterprise Amazon Business Account Summary (Launch date August 11, 2022)

  • Employees will access the Enterprise Amazon Business Account via the Enterprise Services tab within myUK.  Current employees holding the Procurement Card holder role as of July 1, 2022 will be loaded automatically and assigned to respective departmental groups.
  • Other employees who are not Procurement Card users can access the platform through myUK Enterprise Services tab to browse products and create Shopping Lists that can be ordered by another person. By default, this user type will not be able to create orders and check out unless they are placed into a departmental group.
  • The Enterprise Amazon Business Account uses the linkblue version of an employee's UK email to identify them as a Shopper; they will utilize Single-Sign-On (SSO) when accessing the platform through myUK Enterprise Services tab.  If an employee has any type of Amazon account using the linkblue version of their email address, conversion/migration tasks are required during the first access. A Help guide for this is available on the Learning and Training Resources page of the Purchasing website.
  • Enterprise Amazon Business Account is a separate platform from with many of the same and additional products. Shopping navigation for Amazon Business is generally typical to that of the consumer experience.
  • All orders require approval and automatically move through an Amazon workflow on the platform. A Business Officer receives email notifications for each order placed within their area; s/he performs the departmental review/approval and Purchasing provides review/approval at the institutional level. Approval workflows support compliance for Amazon purchases ensuring that appropriate items are purchased and effective oversights are integrated within the transaction process.
  • Employees can request their local Amazon Approver (typically the Business Officer who approves their SRM Shopping Carts or Concur transactions) to add them to their departmental group workflow. Purchasing can also facilitate addition of employees to departmental groups via completion and submission of a web form.
  • Procurement card is the payment method for all Enterprise Amazon Business Account purchases. The platform is for University official purchases only.
  • Sales tax exemptions, where applicable, are automatically incorporated into the account and managed at the institutional level.
  • Product Blocking (Soft) - While many items are available unrestricted on the platform, some items may also be available from other University contracts. These are notated by a yellow icon. Shoppers may still place soft-blocked item(s) into their Shopping Cart for consideration by the Approvers. Indicate a note in the comments box at check-out justifying the purchase from Amazon vs another University contract. Be sure to consider the value of your time when performing comparisons among different suppliers versus potential savings.
  • Product Blocking (Hard) - A minor portion of items are restricted from placement into a cart for purchase. These include obvious items such as weapons or security products alongside items that conflict with University exclusive contracts. A Purchasing Buyer can assist staff and faculty with sourcing items elsewhere, if needed.
  • 7-day Price Hold - Amazon holds the price on Shopping Cart items for 7 calendar days from the time of checkout until order placement. Approvers are encouraged to review/approve their carts quickly. Purchasing make efforts to review carts within one to two business days of receipt.

Learning and Resources

All resource documents are available within a dedicated Amazon Business section (C) of the Learning and Training Resources page on the Purchasing website including guides for Amazon Shoppers, Approvers, linkblue email/account migrations, Shopping List creation, etc.

University / Purchasing Division Support

The Purchasing Division maintains a help resource for Enterprise Amazon Business Account questions and support at or feel free to submit a help request via web form. Internal support is provided for general inquiries related to an order until order placement with Amazon Business. This could include needs relating to Business Account access, departmental group assignments/workflow, restricted (soft- and hard-blocked) items, order approval status, etc.

Other resources include:

  • Dedicated section (C) on the Purchasing Division Learning and Training Resources page, including helpful Quick Reference Cards and links.

Amazon Business Customer Support

Departments should contact Amazon Business Customer Support after order placement if they need assistance or have inquiries related to delivery, shipping status, returns, pricing discrepancy, etc. 

Shoppers can also check order status and request help directly within the Enterprise Amazon Business Account similar to navigating order status on an account via the Help menu item at the top of the Amazon Business landing page.

Contact Support

  • Provides end users the option to call, email, or live chat. Please use this method of contact for anything relating to an order, transaction, charge, or shipment.