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Enterprise Amazon Business Account Shopping

(Updated 2-21-24)

With the migration for UK HealthCare Amazon purchases completed in August 2023, all departmental purchases of needed items from Amazon should now be transacted via the Enterprise Amazon Business Account within myUK Enterprise Services.

Departmental groups are arranged on the platform providing Approvers the ability to approve/reject orders for their individual area(s) as well as access to other functionality and analytics. Business Officers can use Amazon Business Analytics to view data regarding orders placed in their area(s), create and filter reports based on business needs, and view both charts and tables. Click to learn more.  

Procurement oversight is also part of the order workflow. Departmental approvers (and Procurement Services, upon request) can add additional employees to groups allowing them to create orders. Access to the Enterprise Amazon Business Account requires an employee’s linkblue email for identification; if any employee (including Approvers) is currently using their linkblue email address for another Amazon account, an account conversion is required upon the first access to enter and use the platform for any role. 

Important note for employees with an existing Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes: If you are an employee having an existing departmental Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes under an email other than your linkblue email address, please refrain from accessing the new Enterprise platform through myUK and contact for migration assistance. A customized migration can be scheduled specifically for you. It is important that the person to whom the departmental account is registered not access the new platform before migrating to ensure their existing business account or account can be converted and migrated successfully.

In sourcing common operational goods, remember to use the University’s conventional contracted suppliers as first choice for product purchases. This includes Ariba Network e-catalog providers such as Dell, CDW, Grainger, B & H Photo, etc. with particular attention to those having exclusive contracts with the University, such as ODP Business Solutions for purchase of office supplies and VWR for laboratory/research purchases. The University Supply Center should also be considered a first source for provision of products available through their MRO (Maintenance/Repairs/Operations) product offerings. Remember to place any relevant comments during the checkout process from myUK Amazon Business providing cost comparison information or other rationale for the purchase from Amazon over primary contract providers, when applicable. Comments here can be condensed, if needed, with examples being: “Item not on contract”, “Checked contract vendor XXX and YYY; required item out of stock”, “Item available from contract vendor XXX but lead time does not meet my needs”, “Item available from contract vendor XXX but 50% less from Amazon”, etc.

Shipments of any orders to residential address(es) are not permitted unless the employee has a full-time telecommuting status supported by appropriate documentation at the departmental level. Product purchases for any employees having a hybrid working model must be shipped to a campus address for pickup.

An array of help materials and references are available for both Amazon Approvers and Shoppers. A dedicated course is available within myUK Learning entitled FAST Amazon Business. Any employee can access and take the course via myUK Learning on demand at any time. Simply locate and book the course by title and click Start. The course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and includes interactive quizzes. Although optional, the course is recommended for both Amazon Shoppers and Approvers.

Available Learning Resources on the Procurement Services website include Dedicated Amazon Business General Information Page, Amazon Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Amazon Shoppers and Approvers help materials, account conversion steps, and more. If you are looking for a one-stop shop on all myUK Enterprise Amazon Business information, Section C of our Learning and Training Resources page has links to all available resources on the Procurement website regarding Amazon Business in a single section (login required).

Online web forms are also available for inquiry use on Amazon Business General Information and Request To Be Added to Departmental Group (login required).

A dedicated help email at is available for inquiries or support requests.

Amazon Business Customer Support:

Departments should contact Amazon Business Customer Support after order placement if they need assistance or have inquiries related to delivery, shipping status, returns, pricing discrepancy, etc. 

Shoppers can also check order status and request help directly within the Enterprise Amazon Business Account similar to navigating order status on an account via the Help menu item at the top of the Amazon Business landing page.

Contact Support:

  • Provides end users the option to call, email, or live chat. Please use this method of contact for anything relating to an order, transaction, charge, or shipment.
  • Dedicated U.S. based Business Customer Support can be reached a number of ways including email, chat, and phone.
  • Phone: (888) 281-3847
  • Delivery issues/package escalation: