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Available PPE items from UK Supply Center

The UK Supply Center currently has a significant supply of the following items available for departmental ordering:

  • Lysol Spray
  • Ear loop face masks (disposable and cloth)
  • Wipes
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Hand sanitizer

Departments can order needed items through the UK Supply Center online catalog available through their page on the Purchasing website. Departments should consider utilizing the Supply Center for these items prior to sourcing similar items from external suppliers. Questions can be directed to the Supply Center through the contact information on their page.

COVID-19 Reporting Resources

Please remember the importance of properly notating any purchase transactions related to COVID-19. Specific indicators are required when entering transactions for Shopping Carts/Requisitions, procurement card edits, and Payment Request Documents (PRDs) for any COVID-related purchases. As the University progresses through the current public health challenge, it is vital that purchase of any related goods or services be identified properly. A dedicated website for managing and notating purchases is available here and includes key steps and information for transactions.

Online Help Form for Office Supply Orders

Departments can now submit an online form for any question(s) relating to office supplies via the link below. This may include inquiries related to special quotes, substitute items, etc. When submitted, the form contents will send to Office Depot sales representative(s) and the appropriate Category Specialist(s) in Purchasing for response(s).

Reminder: Importance of Creating Timely Goods Confirmations

As a reminder for departments, please work to ensure SRM Goods Confirmations are created in a timely manner in order to show receipt of goods and services as they arrive in their respective areas. This is particularly important for high order volume suppliers such as VWR, Fisher, CDW, and Dell. Remember that payment is not released to suppliers until end-using areas create the system documents confirming goods and services have been physically received in satisfactory condition.