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Enterprise Amazon Business Account

The launch date for Enterprise Amazon Business Account was August 11, 2022. A dedicated link is now available within myUK Enterprise Services tab to access the Enterprise Amazon Business Account platform. The platform uses Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality allowing employees to access and utilize the platform utilizing their linkblue ID and password.

Important note for employees with an existing Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes: If you are an employee having an existing departmental Amazon Business Account or account used for work purposes under an email other than your linkblue email address, please refrain from accessing the new Enterprise platform through myUK and contact for migration assistance. A customized migration can be scheduled specifically for you. It’s important that the person to whom the departmental account is registered not access the new platform before their migration to ensure their existing business account or account can be converted/migrated correctly.

Departmental groups are arranged on the platform providing Approvers the ability to approve/reject orders for their individual area(s) as well as access to other functionality and analytics. Purchasing oversight is also part of the order workflow. Employees who were active procurement card holders as of July 1 were automatically added to their respective departmental groups at the launch date allowing them to create and place orders. Other employees are able to browse products and create shopping lists. Departmental approvers (and the Purchasing Division) can also add additional employees to groups allowing them to create orders as well. Access to the Enterprise Amazon Business Account requires an employee’s linkblue email for identification; if any employee (including Approvers) is using their linkblue email address for another Amazon account, an account conversion is required on the first access to enter and use the platform for any role.

Departments should plan to transition any purchases from Amazon to the new platform by October 1. UK Healthcare (department numbers prefixed with H) and Athletics areas will not be active on the platform at the initial launch and will be integrated at a later date.

Departmental approvers received Amazon-provided direct online training during the week leading to the launch date; direct meeting invitations were sent to those persons. Approver sessions were recorded and are available for viewing by request.

Following are the available resources provided for Amazon Shoppers to use the new platform:

  1. A dedicated course has been created by the FAST Training Team and placed within myUK Learning entitled FAST Amazon Business. Amazon shoppers and other interested parties can access and take the course via myUK Learning on demand at any time. Simply locate and book the course by title and click Start. The course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and includes interactive quizzes. Although optional, the course is recommended for both Amazon Shoppers and Approvers.
  2. Online Amazon Shopper and Approver sessions were recorded and are available for viewing by departments upon request. Email to request access to either recorded session.
  1. Available Learning Resources on the Purchasing Division website:
  • Dedicated Amazon Business General Information Page
  • Amazon Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Looking for a one-stop shop on all Enterprise Amazon Business information? Section C of our Learning and Training Resources page has links to all available resources on the Purchasing website regarding Amazon Business in a single section.

Online web forms are also available to inquire on Amazon Business General Information and Request To Be Added to Departmental Group

A dedicated help email at is  available going forward for inquiries or requests for support.