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Obtaining Plans and Specifications

Plans, Specifications and Official Bid Documents are no longer available from the University of Kentucky, Capital Construction Purchasing Division. The University and Lynn Imaging have an agreement for duplicating and distribution services for University construction projects. Plans, Specifications and Official Bid Documents are available from:

Lynn Imaging
Attn: Tina Moore
328 Old Vine St
Lexington KY 40507
Phone (859) 255-1021
Fax: (859) 233-1558

In addition, Lynn Imaging and the University have a web site at where plans can be ordered.

Payments for Plans, Specifications and Official Bid Documents must be made to Lynn Imaging before a set of documents will be issued.

Note: Contractors that receive plans and specifications from other sources than Lynn Imaging must request a "Form of Proposal" from the University's Purchasing Representative to be registered as plan holders and to receive addendums.

Potential Contractors must identify the position of their firm as a prime bidder, miscellaneous subcontractor, material supplier or other when ordering or picking up Plans and Specifications.